3 Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Content Marketing | 0 comments

Successful online marketers know that to be found online you must share content and provide useful information to readers. Yet many companies are still struggling to grasp exactly how to approach content marketing in the right way. While they know it needs to be done, there are many myths floating around in cyberspace that have confused the way some small businesses approach their content marketing efforts.

To be successful in your content marketing campaign, avoid falling victim to these myths.

It is enough to only share content on one channel

While it is important to have a niche market that you write and market to, it is also important to give this niche market multiple opportunities to find you. Even though you may have determined from your research that your target market is primarily on Twitter, some of your market may have moved to LinkedIn. Spread your marketing efforts to multiple channels and increase your likelihood of being seen.

It is ok to stuff keywords into all content

SEO requires that your website contains the right keywords that people are searching for. However, Google has recently updated their algorithm to actually punish those companies who stuff their site with keywords regardless of whether or not they are relevant. Overstuffing your pages with keywords shows Google that your content has only one purpose, and that is to be found online. Instead, focus your content on providing excellent information and the right number of keywords will naturally fit in to your text.

It is a great platform for selling products

Sure you want to sell your products, but pushing your message onto your readers will only turn them away. Instead, offer useful nuggets of information to build trust with your readers through your blog, on other blogs, or with articles. This will establish your brand as an industry expert and create a level of trust with your prospects.

Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways of targeting prospects online. But if not done right, it can actually harm your efforts in the long run.