4 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Timeless

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Yes, content is still king in the world of internet marketing. But with the ever changing world of search engine algorithms, knowing what to post and where to post your content is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge for companies. While content marketing is vital to your company’s success online, it has started to feel overwhelming for many businesses who are confused about whether or not their next content marketing effort will turn out to be more harmful than helpful to their SEO efforts.

But, with only 4 easy steps, you can be sure your content efforts do not get wasted and are strong enough to withstand the ever changing Google algorithm.

Start by listening to your audience

Your readers are the ones who decide whether what you are saying is worthwhile or not. If they think it is high quality, then your content will be more likely to be shared and revisited. Use analytics to watch what content drives traffic, and what content falls flat. If you do not have content developed enough yet to see what inspires the majority of your readers, take a cue from a competitor and see what has been shared the most on their social networks, or has gained the most comments from their reader base. This will be a good starting point for you to develop a solid editorial calendar that will bring in readers faster than if you did your own testing.

Understand the resources involved with content marketing

Many people have the misconception that content marketing is cheap. While it is more inexpensive than other traditional forms of marketing, it is worthwhile to spend some extra time or money to do it properly. Not only will higher quality content get you more readers and traffic to your site, but it will also help your overall SEO efforts in the long run. In spite of Google’s consistent changes to their algorithm, your site can still remain current and in line with the changes as long as your focus is on quality instead of keyword density or number of links linking back.

Create a presence in social media networks

Many businesses are uncertain of how social media can benefit them. However, by creating a strong presence and giving yourself a place to share your content, you give your readers an easy way to share your informative content, and stay in the forefront of their mind each day just by naturally being in the online space where they frequent. Start small with social networking and only use the networks where you feel you will have the most success. This way you can fine tune your efforts on these networks before moving to others.

Be reliable with your posts

The way and frequency in which you post will reflect just as much about your brand as the quality of the content within your posts. Plan ahead and avoid any extreme gaps in your blog. If you do have an extreme gap, come back and explain up front to your customers what happened. Whether it be an internal shift to focusing on product development or a new campaign, give your reasons a glimpse into how your company works and why it took a small hiatus. This will not only keep your readers interested in what you have to say but will also make your brand look more authentic and reassure your customers that you are acting in their best interest.

Instead of shying away from content marketing simply because of some changes to search engines, embrace the change and use it as a learning lesson to improve your content and make your site even stronger for the long haul.

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Sian Phillips
Sian Phillips

Interesting post. I especially like the part about listening to your audience as it makes complete sense. If they like what you write and therefore keep on reading, spend more time on your site and hopefully share the link too then Google's algorithms can be beaten. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com


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