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It was hard not to hear about the latest Facebook update yesterday – the newsfeed redesign. This announcement came only a short time after another major update to the popular social media platform was announced – Facebook graph search.

As Facebook continues to roll out major changes, small businesses stand to benefit. That is, if they are ready.

Here are some of the top mistakes I see happening by small businesses on Facebook:

  • Overly promotional posts that do not belong in the world of social media
  • Boring posts that only link to their blogs but do nothing to try to engage with their readers
  • A lack of relationship building with the fan base

Now it’s time for a reality check. Do you really know who is behind the likes on your Facebook page? For small businesses who receive few likes, shares or interaction from their fans, it can be next to impossible to really know the people you influence through Facebook posts.

It’s time for businesses to listen.

The Facebook graph search still provides the most opportunity to small businesses to be found by higher quality followers. Here’s how it works. Through the information on your page and your influence among your fan base, Facebook ranks you in their search results and matches you with people who may benefit from what your business has to offer.

Although the newsfeed redesign primarily targets how consumers view their friends posts, there is also opportunity for business to gain more exposure using this new look.

As the changes roll out, you must adapt your Facebook marketing to embrace these new changes and take full advantage of the opportunity they provide. Here are a few ways you can do this today.

  • Update your cover photo – In the newsfeed redesign, your cover photo will be seen when someone likes your brand. This is your opportunity to put a compelling photo that tells a story about what your brand does. Doing so, you will attract more people in your fan base’s network.
  • Revise your key sections – The About section on your page should use top keywords to tell what your business does. It should be straightforward for the person who visits your Facebook page while also communicating with the Facebook graph search the keywords relevant to your page. Keep the About section short, then elaborate in detail about what your business does in the Description section.
  • Give your place a location – If your business relies on local traffic or has local visitors, adding a location to your Facebook page allows you to target potential customers in your area. Facebook will see your location and send people who are close by to your store. Make it easy for your fans and for Facebook to locate your business so that you can get more foot traffic through your doors.
  • Encourage engagement – Facebook wants to see that your fans value what you post. To do this, you need to get people to like and share your content. The top posts that engage people on social media are questions (people love to give a response), photos (people are more likely to share images), and videos (people love to be entertained on social media). The posts that get the least amount of shares are link posts that simply offer some text and a link and no image or thumbnail.

The bottom line is people react better to interactive, engaging and valuable information. When your fans react better, you increase your exposure and Facebook takes notice.

Facebook marketing should not be thought of as a platform to advertise your business and drive people to your blog or sales pages. Instead, it should be a tool used to attract and engage with people who can benefit from what you have to sell.

If you optimize your Facebook page to go beyond just a few posts, you have the opportunity to reach more quality leads and drive real revenues from your Facebook marketing.

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Jennifer Cunningham
Jennifer Cunningham

Great post. Yes, I do need to take the time to make fb more personable. I think I'm finally getting what a social presence is. Thanks.


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