How a Company Culture of Compassion Can Transform Your Business

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in Lessons Learned, Tips and How To's | 0 comments


Recently, the infographic below landed in my inbox with the headline “Can We Teach Compassion?” – Instant intrigue!

Compassion is an important part of your daily life. From the person who held the door open for you at the coffee shop so that you could get out without spilling to the volunteers that take time out of their day just to make the lives of less fortunate people a little bit easier; compassion for one another permeates our lives on many levels.

In the past, compassion has been thought to be something that a person was born with. Compassionate people were inherently kind and thoughtful of others. But as this infographic shows, the more people educate themselves and engage with others that may live a slightly different lifestyle than their own, the more compassion is learned. More interesting is that compassion can be learned at all ages.

How does this relate to marketing and small business?

Marketing campaigns thrive when emotional strings are pulled. Businesses and marketers use compassion to show that a company cares about a person’s problem, however big or small. In each campaign, the product or service offered helps alleviate the pain points associated with the prospects concern. From social media marketing to content provided on your website, your small business must show compassion in order to engage with your reader, prospect, or loyal customer.

To be successful in marketing, having a deeper understanding of the world you live in, educating yourself on lifestyles and people you may not be familiar with, and getting to the heart of what makes your target market tick is vital. Become a better marketer with this infographic by learning how compassion is learned and how you can create a company culture of compassion.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons