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How to let the Fear of Failure Propel You

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Career | 0 comments

At some point, you’re going to fail. No, that’s not a pessimistic attitude, it’s the truth. And guess what? It’s ok. You’ve failed in your past, and look where you’re at. Still able to sit up and read this blog post enough to comprehend what’s being splashed across your screen, so you’re probably just fine. Even after a failure. Failure is something so many people fear. The most common reaction is to run from our fears and run from the possibilities of imminent failure. We’re terrified of letting people down, or worse, letting ourselves down. Yet, what we don’t realize is that failure to try...

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4 Content Marketing Excuses you can Easily Overcome Today

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Content Marketing | 0 comments

Content marketing is expected to grow and is considered one of the top trends in overall marketing for 2012. If you’re competition is doing it, you need to be too or you risk falling behind. So whether it’s you making excuses to yourself, or your boss who continues to churn out excuse after excuse as to why traditional advertising is better than this new trend of content marketing, you’re in luck. Here are 4 excuses, deflated, so you can get your business on track with a better (and less expensive) way to brand your business and market your product. “There’s not enough time” –...

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