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Is Your Website Standing In the Way of Your Business’s Success?

It’s tough getting people to your website. Consider this: what if the traffic streaming through your website is the wrong type of traffic, bringing the wrong type of people to your business? How much money could your business be throwing away on low quality leads day in, and day out? How much would your business change if your website worked around the clock to attract the type of clients you dream of working with?

You don’t have time or energy to waste on people who don’t value what you have to offer – so stop spending your resources working with the wrong people! With my help, you can have a profitable website that attracts the right people, and repels the scum bags you wish you could tell to shove it.

It’s not advertising. It’s not marketing. It’s about giving businesses a voice to rise above the noise and engage the people that matter most.

I work with some pretty amazing small businesses that simply do not have the in-house resources or time to market effectively online. Some feel lost. Others feel overwhelmed.

Sound like you? Here are some of the ways I can help your business grow.

Give My Website a Makeover

Is your website sending the right signal about your brand? It could be time to freshen up your sales copy. With a website makeover, you can choose what gets updated, and what gets refreshed. Add new pages, take pages away, and transform your website into a sales tool. In the end, you’ll have a website you can be proud of! And one that works 24 hours a day to bolster your business online (so you don’t have to).

Keep My Website Fresh!

Hate to see dust and cobwebs build up on your website making it feel more like a ghost town instead of the active, energetic business you own? With regular blog posts, guest blog posts driving traffic, updated frequently asked questions, articles, press releases, sales landing pages, and other types of content and copy, your website stays looking its best. Search engines love it. Your visitors love it. And your business becomes the industry superstar with valuable information that skyrockets you to the top. It takes work, and it takes research, but the end result can be the difference between your business being a nice hobby to a powerhouse bringing in the dollars you dream about.

Give Me the Heavy Hitters

Let’s face it. Sometimes blog posts and articles can only go so far when it comes to attracting the perfect audience. Sometimes, you need some heavy hitting content to really make a splash in your industry. By offering ebooks, whitepapers, long form sales letters, and other types of heavy hitting copy and content, your business will pack a mean punch. And don’t think your customers won’t notice. Suddenly, you’ll be the go to resource for all things related to your industry, quickly establishing a loyal base of customers ready to pay you what you deserve!

Questions, comments, ready to get started? Let’s do this! 

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You and your business deserve better! I can’t wait to help you get there…